How Biaheza Started The Highest Paid Youtube Channel

How Biaheza Started The Highest Paid Youtube Channel

Biaheza has absolutely exploded onto the finance youtube scene with his videos raking in millions of views in a very short period of time.

In this video I want to dive deeper into who he really is, his success story, and how he makes his millions.

Chapter I Prologue:

When the internet was babbling about drop shipping like,

‘Is it a scam?' ‘Or is it fake?' ‘Or is it even sustainable?' and some went to the extent of claiming ‘it is dead.'

Meanwhile, an 18-year-old named Biaheza launched his e-commerce store in September 2018 and made a small $325 thousand in revenue by May 2019, meaning that the kid marked his first six-figure monthly income in just nine months.

The Belarusian-born American has quite a different story from normal 14-year-old kids who played Call of Duty and Rocket League after school. As of today, Biaheza is a full time rare-fish day trader, and is running a highly paid YouTube channel.

Today we will discuss his success story in detail, and find out how he started one of the highest paying channels. So, let’s begin!

Chapter II Early life hustles:

Biaheza, in his YouTube and Instagram videos, recalled how he used to be different from other kids. Throughout middle school, he used to flip toys as a hobby. A few years later, when he was 14, Biaheza sniffed potential in Instagram, so he started making Instagram pages that never bloomed. His first page featured quotes from the bible, the second page revolved around memes, and the third page, which grew to some extent, featured photography from different artists. Biaheza sold this page for $100 to a friend in 2016 after he was tired of following and unfollowing people on Instagram to increase his followers.

Biaheza was only out of the game for two months, when he returned to Instagram, but this time with a different approach. By selling a "shoutout" to a company when he had roughly 13,000 followers on one of his pages, he earned his first $10 in advertising. After that, more companies started contacting him, and he started making money from his pages.

Biaheza quickly realized that most companies asking him for a shoutout were selling products from Aliexpress. They were selling the same product line for more money on their websites, i.e., drop shipping.

At 17, he decided to launch his dropshipping store, to test out e-commerce for himself. Again, he would purchase shoutouts from theme pages similar to his own. Unfortunately, it didn't turn out well for him. By the time he added up the costs of his products, Shopify fees, and the expense of shoutout advertising, he was already in the red. Biaheza again returned to his pages and realized that by saving on advertising costs by using his own Instagram audiences, he could be profitable with a new e-commerce venture.

In all his hustles, Biaheza was not piggybacking off his parents, but he qualified for financial aid along with two of his jobs. He persisted in his efforts until shoutouts on his Instagram sites started generating $500 to $2,000 in monthly advertising money. He believed he could now open a new drop shipping business. With a more significant Instagram following and more e-commerce expertise, Biaheza opened his second dropshipping e-commerce company in September 2018.

He generated $531 in sales on the first day, thanks to a single theme page shoutout. Then, when Biaheza discovered Facebook ads, things took off. Finally, while he was still a full-time freshman in college in May 2019, he earned $115,000 in profit from $324,476 in sales.

Chapter III YouTube journey:

Along with Instagram and dropshipping, Biaheza was also active on YouTube since 2014. His first channel featured skateboarding videos and grew to 2k subscribers in 2017. He then started a new venture in 2018 and uploaded his first video on Dropshipping.

At this time, he was doing YouTube as a side project while his dropshipping was making money. He then started making more entrepreneurship and side hustle videos which performed much better, and he hit 100k subs in October 2019. Currently, his channel is among the highest paid YouTube channels in the world due to higher CPM, which we will talk about in a minute. Biaheza also now provides an e-commerce course titled "Biaheza's Full Dropshipping Course" that walks students through the straightforward process of starting a successful drop shipping business from scratch. In the course, he creates a new business and uses all the magical tricks up his sleeve that he learned over time to make a business profitable.

Returning to his YouTube channel and the fact that his channel is among the highest paying YouTube channels in the world. Well, to achieve this, Biaheza played a brilliant move. His channel is registered in the business and finance niche, so most of the ads incorporated into his channel are from the same niche because YouTube plays ads corresponding to the channel’s demographics. Therefore, his channel pays much better than usual, as ads containing business pitches usually pay off better to the creator. In social media marketing, there is a metric known as CPM or cost per mille, which tells how much a creator is paid per 1000 views for the incorporated advertisement. So, if a CPM on a video is $4 and the video hits 1M views, the creator gets $4000. However, YouTube keeps a share, and the actual amount the creator receives is based on a metric called RPM or Revenue Per Mille.

Biaheza’s RPM on his most watched video is $22.7 and made him 70 grand on its own. Another video of him had an RPM of $4.08, earning him $8500. Some of his videos also have a mammoth RPM of $80, earning him over $100k from a single video. His dropshipping and Forex videos generally have much better RPMs than his other content, and since those videos make up the majority of his content, his average paycheck from Susan is one of the highest in the industry.

Biaheza's TikToks about the business also went viral organically, without any advertisements, which he believes is all good fortune and fruit of his persistence. In addition, Biaheza, to his audience, brought another opportunity as he said that after finding a product and building an online inventory, people could use TikTok to sell their product, as TikTok doesn't require a lot of content-creation efforts.

Chapter IV Epilogue:

The 19-year-old ‘Top G’ was also featured in Graham Stephan’s podcast, discussing his struggle and current lifestyle. He talked about his numbers which quite frankly shocked the host. His success at such a young age is a roadmap for youngsters to follow to achieve financial independence as soon as possible.

With that, we would like to sign off!

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