How To Design Stunning Instagram Carousels On Your Mobile

How To Design Stunning Instagram Carousels On Your Mobile

Designing these two slides took me about 10 mins to create.

For uploading it here I had to comprise it into 1 min sections. If you want to watch the video at a normal pace then you can watch the video

Now you have to do the math, creating these two slides from scratch took me about 10 mins, and now I have to create 4 more slides like this - so it sums up to about 50 mins. But the last few slides have a lot of value and steps, so they may take about 20 mins to complete.

Thus total time is always around 1.5hrs to design the carousel.And you don't have to create each of the two slides from scratch, after completing slides 1 & 2 you can just replace the image and copy. You won't have to set the background, image size, page number, username, etc. again and thus it'll take you even lesser time to design.

You need to be ready with everything (the images, the copy, the caption, etc.) before sitting to design.If you find images and write copy whilst designing it will surely take you about 3 to 4 hrs, maybe more.

So have all the resources ready before designing.Also, the designing period can be reduced even more when you have 'TEMPLATES'. I have created templates for my posts so it sometimes takes even lesser time, I just have to replace the copy and images and I am done.I hope you enjoyed the tutorial video. If you really liked it then don't forget to SHARE this with your community and let them know that 'DESIGNING CONTENT ON A MOBILE IS EASIER THAN YOU THINK.'If you're you have feedback for me then do let me know in the comment section.

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