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4 Celebrities Who Demonstrate the Importance of Image Consistency

4 Celebrities Who Demonstrate the Importance of Image Consistency

One of the keys with celebrities who maintain a long stay in the public eye is consistency of image.

People trust things where they know what to expect, and that's as true for those who light up our screens as it is for the franchised treats we order to enjoy while watching them.

If a star does something perceived to be off-kilter, speculation runs rife – there's a whole tabloid magazine industry based around that premise. Personal branding is all-important for longevity at the top and it's not so much a case of 'give the people they want' as it is 'don't confuse people'. Let's have a look at how some of our favorite stars have done it.

Jimmy Butler

We know what Jimmy Butler's all about. He's going to do things his own way and he's going to be a hardass about it. In Chicago, he famously questioned the ambition of some of the Bulls' younger players and paid for it with a suspension by the team.

There's still speculation about whether him storming out of a during a training session with the Minnesota Timberwolves was genuine, or whether he manufactured the incident as part of a plan to be traded away from that franchise; only Jimmy knows the real truth but either option fits with his personal branding.

Now he's hitting the heights with the Heat, going to Miami and having Butler guarding you is one of the less appealing remits for NBA players. Just ask LeBron, who enjoyed a personal battle with Butler (and Jimmy won on the night, if not in the series) in Game 3 of the 2020 Finals. It's been published that Butler agreed to join Miami within 8 minutes of his meeting with Pat Riley without questioning his contract terms or the potential to have other stars join alongside him.

Other players might have commercial ventures with shoe companies or invest in real estate., but Jimmy's set up his own coffee company. He's a home barista when he's not training. You'd buy coffee from Jimmy Butler. You'd know it'd be damn good coffee.

Angelina Jolie

Actress, producer and philanthropist Angelina Jolie has been very careful to maintain a consistent public image since her wild-child days. Today, she's perhaps as well known for her humanitarian work with UNHCR, being a mother and helping to reduce stigma around mastectomy as she is for her Hollywood work.

As a result, issues that could have blown up into scandals, such as the kindling of her relationship with Brad Pitt in 2006, while he was still married to Jennifer Aniston, haven't stuck to her or impacted her career. Indeed the New York Times reported that her 'Q Score' – an actor's perceived likability – rose from 13% in 2000 when she won her Oscar for Girl, Interrupted to 24% in 2008, with the average for a female actor being 18%.

Lewis Capaldi

At 25 years old, Scottish sensation singer-songwriter Lewis Capaldi is very much part of the new breed of stars who've grown up with social media. His image is that of the self-deprecating Scottish everyman, which is unsurprising given his background - he was brought up in a working-class family, with his mother a nurse and his dad a fishmonger.

There's a very famous saying in Scotland that "we're a' Jock Tamson's bairns" - literally "we're all John Thomson's children". There's no mythical character called Jock Tamson; it's literally an expression Scots use to say 'we're all the same as each other; nobody's better than anyone else'.

From his earliest days, he's used the internet as a vehicle of promoting both content and interaction - his debut single Bruises in 2017 was the first track by an unsigned artist to hit 25 million plays on Spotify. He frequently reaches out to fans on social media and his Twitter account highlights have become the stuff of legend.

He could have gone down a different path - his last name is rather famous due to Doctor Who actor Peter Capaldi (and they are related). Lewis, however, is the guy who's only too happy to make a joke at his own expense and be accessible - whether that's via social media or from him being frequently snapped playing impromptu sets in pubs.

Matthew McConaughey

Since he hit the public consciousness in 1993 in slacker classic Dazed And Confused McConaughey has cultivated the image of an easy-going Texan.

While his boyish good looks won him roles in romcoms such as The Wedding Planner and Failure To Launch, youthful vigor doesn't last forever (even with today's surgical advances) and it's his loose-fit charm that's carried through the more recent part of his career.

When we look at the brands he's endorsed - Lincoln automobiles and Wild Turkey whiskey for example - they're aspirational but not unattainable. While he's taken on, and been hugely successful in meaty roles such as AIDS patient Ron Woodruff in Dallas Buyers Club they've been relatable roles, with lots of heart.

According to Foxy Bingo, McConaughey even used his man-of-the-people image to do some good during the worst days of the pandemic, setting time aside to call bingo games for elderly, isolated Texans over Zoom –– with his whole family present.

He's still the guy who hangs out at college football games. His breakthrough character, David Wooderson's laconic drawl of 'Alright, alright, alright' has followed him through his career as a meme. He embraces it. He's that kind of guy.

Building a brand is hard. It's harder still when that brand's image can be whipped from pillar to post and almost impossible to gain the right kind of exposure when nobody knows what's going to turn up that day. These stars show how it's possible to chart smooth waters, by maintaining a clear and consistent course, with a clear and consistent image.

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