Instagram story hacks to boost your engagement in 2023

Instagram story hacks to boost your engagement in 2023

It's not uncommon for us to get set in our ways when it comes to the content we produce.

We tend to have our 'go-to' strategies and hope that they continue to work time and time again. While it's good to have consistent designs and aesthetics that help our followers recognise us, Instagram craves originality and new ideas.

With that in mind here are our favourite Instagram story hacks to transform the quality of your brand.

Whether or not you think you need it, Instagram engagement is one of the most powerful aspects of building your following. You can never engage too much with your audience, so you have no reason to try out this story hack.

1. Dynamic Profile Feed hack.

Want to know how to integrate your profiles feed with your stories? Follow these simple steps to create an innovative way for your audience to interact with you!

Very simple, take a screenshot of your profile, making sure your latest post is in view.

Try to get more of your posts in the shot as well, with a profile as beautiful as yours, followers won't be able to resist the temptation!

Go to your photos and edit the screenshot you just took. Scroll over to brightness and increase it all the way down. This adds contrast to your story and helps highlight your latest post! If you're feeling creative, custom filters work just as well!

Add your latest post to your story. To do this, click the share button on your post and select 'add post to your story'. Almost to the good bit!

Swipe up on your story, and select the image sticker then select the screenshot you took of your profile. Alternatively, you can copy and paste the screenshot through the share feature in your photo app.

Move your latest post to the edge of the screen. This is important as after the next step you will need to move and resize it.

Select your screenshot, resize it, and bring it to the forefront of your screen. Then select your latest post from the side of the screen and overlay it on the screenshot.

Add some stickers that suit your taste and there you have it! An Insta Story Hack that will drive people to your content while allowing you to reap the benefits of engagement! A sure-fire way to increase the growth of your account!

We'd love to see you guys using this story hack so show us your own version of this tip!

2. The False Retreat

We've got plenty more for you and this is a good one! The algorithm is a complex and ever-changing thing but there's one thing that always stays the same… Instagram wants you on the app! Yes, yes, we want to be on the app too, but who would have thought a little time away would actually boost your metrics!

So you've got great content, a beautiful profile and a charming personality, but your account has plateaued. You're getting good numbers but you're not improving, well this little tip may be the best Instagram story hack of 2021!

To prove it, we tried it on our last 6 posts for you to see how truly brilliant this hack is! But before we give you the results of our posts, let's dive into what this really is!

This is crucial. We need Instagram to send us notifications. With this turned on they have permission to let us know how our post is doing. Why do we want this? Keep reading!

After you've one all the hard work of creating your content, post it at whatever time suits you best! Spend ten minutes either browsing your feed or interacting with your followers, but after ten minutes, close your app!

Now, this is the best part! You've put in the effort, you've made a beautiful post, now relax! Have a cup of tea, watch a film, go for a walk, anything you like!

As content creators we work ourselves too hard sometimes, we wanted to give you a hack that rewards you for all the work you do!

Here's the science! Instagram's algorithm wants users to be on the app and by doing that they send us notifications.

When we ignore these notifications, Instagram gets sad and starts to get desperate for our attention! In attempts to pull you back to the app, Instagram will push your post to more people which gives them a reason to send you more notifications!

That is the very definition of less is more.

What more could you want?! A growing Instagram account, and a well-deserved break. Just watch as your metrics start increasing!

You might be thinking this is too good to be true? Well, we decided to test it out on our account and just take a look at our results.

Some of our posts almost tripled in likes!

We've been using this strategy ourselves and we can honestly say it's a game changer!

Fancy giving it a go? Once you've used this amazing Instagram hack, get in touch and let us know your results!

3. Extra Story Tips & Tricks

Before you run off to use our amazing Instagram Story Hacks, read through these tips and tricks to help boost your Instagram engagement and growth:

1. Text Shadow.

Liven up your text game by creating awesome shadow effects!

  1. Simply duplicate your text.
  2. Change the colour to your tastes.
  3. Place it just behind the original text.

This adds so much flair to your stories while catching the eye of your loyal followers!

2. Background Colour.

Want to have full aesthetic control over your story?

  1. Simply select the draw tool.
  2. Choose your colour.
  3. Press the screen for around 2-3 seconds.

Now you’ve got the block colour of your choice! The stock gradient Instagram uses as default is great but sometimes we’ve got to be BOLD.

3. Create a VIP List.

Otherwise known as your ‘Close Friends’. This can be used to create exclusive content for your most loyal followers, here’s how:

  1. Go to your profile.
  2. Click the 3 lines in the top right hand corner.
  3. Select your ‘Close Friends List’
  4. Add and remove whoever you want!

This is a great way to reward your followers who are always interacting with you, show them some love!

4. Add Links To Your Story.

At the moment this feature is only available to accounts with 10,000 or more followers. If you’re not there yet, don’t worry, keep doing what you’re doing, using our tips and you’ll be there in no time!

  1. Reach 10,000 followers (you can do it!)
  2. Create a new Story
  3. Click the ‘Link’ button at the top of your screen
  4. You can add either an IGTV link or a Web URL.
  5. Click Done, and a ‘Call To Action Added’ prompt will appear for you to confirm.
  6. Finish editing and upload your story!

This is a great tool for anyone branching out into affiliate marketing, or just wanting to share valuable content!

5. Turn Live Photos Into Boomerangs.

No need to mess about in Insta to get the perfect boomerang, just use your phone camera!

  1. Open your camera and enable Live Photo Mode.
  2. Take your Live Photo.
  3. Open Instagram and create a new story.
  4. Open up your camera roll and select your Live Photo.
  5. Hold down on the Live Photo for 2-3 seconds and wait for the word ‘Boomerang’ To appear.

That’s it! Keep in mind that the Live Photo needs to have been taken in the 24 hours!

Stories are a great way to interact with your followers and there are loads of ways to get creative! With our Instagram Story hacks, your account will see growth like you’ve never seen. Follow these hacks, tips and tricks with consistency and your engagement, along with your impressions and followers, will skyrocket!

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