New Instagram Hidden Features in 2023

New Instagram Hidden Features in 2023

With over 1 Billion users on Instagram in 2020 it can seem nearly impossible to grow any sort of following,

Instagram is always releasing new features. Often you won't even realise a new feature is out. That's why I composed this list of the best new Instagram tips and tricks for 2020.

Tip 1. Quick Replies

Use Quick Replies in Instagram
Instagram Quick Replies Feature

Stop wasting time sending the same messages on Instagram. From replying to comments or answering questions in your Dm's, you probably have to type out the same phrase quite frequently.

This is where this little trick comes in handy.

Navigate to 'Settings' then select 'Business' and finally click on 'Quick Replies'

Here you can add shortcuts for you most frequently used phrases.

Thank me later.

Tip 2. See how many followers are online

See how many instagram  followers are online
See how many followers are online

While the myth of 'Post when the majority of your followers are online' has been debunked by Instagram, it's still handy to know how many are active at different times of the day.

This is where the Instagram live trick comes in, Unlike using your insights, this allows you to see exactly how many followers are online, and here's how,

From your Instagram homepage, swipe left to revel the camera view, then select live, from the tabs at the bottom.

Tip 3. Your Activity

How to see your activity on Instagram
How to see 'Your Activity' on Instagram

Tip 4. Discover People

How to Discover new people on Instagram
Instagram's 'Discover People' Feature

Tip 5. DM Organisation

How to organise you DM's on Instagram
Organise Your Direct Messages On Instagram

Tip 6. Unfollow People

Unfollow Least interacted with on Instagram
How To Unfollow 'Dead' Accounts On Instagram

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