8 Marketing Lessons from Squid Game

8 Marketing Lessons from Squid Game

8 Marketing Lessons from Squid Game

Lesson 1: Keep your story simple

Squid Game follows a simple premise throughout - financially desperate people play a game to turn their life around and win a huge cash prize.

The storyline doesn’t waver. Similarly, in marketing your brand or product a clear purpose and story are necessary.

Lesson 2: Follow the logo design technique

Make your visual identity stand out in all aspects of your brand. Squid Game has circles, triangles and squares everywhere in the show…

In the title/logo

In the background/business cards

On the characters

Lesson 3: Extremism works

Extreme depictions in Squid Game work, because that’s what the audience wants.

Example: No one wants to know how to make an extra $100 a month. Tell them how to make $1 million in 10 minutes and you have an interested audience.

Lesson 4: Make your story relatable

The real-life juxtaposition of the haves and the have-nots in Squid Game make the story very relatable and engaging for the audience.

Lesson 5: Learn from your data insights

One of the factors of success for Squid Game was its relevance and timing of the release. The series was picked up by Netflix at a time when K-Drama viewership was at a high, leading to the series’ virality.

Source: Better Marketing

Lesson 6: Localise content to appeal globally

Netflix created subtitles in 37 languages and dubbed the series in 34 languages, helping the show capture a global audience.****

Lesson 7: Aim to trend in conversations

With millions of mentions from viewers and brands on social media, Squid Game was a trending topic and a marketing success.

Lesson 8: Be consistent

As with all marketing lessons, consistency is really important.

The creator of the show, Hwang Dong-Hyuk, wrote the show in 2009 but was rejected by studios for 10 years. Now it’s Netflix’s most-watched show ever!

More Instagram Collab ideas from Netflix series

With the new collaboration feature on Instagram, here are some tips from the series "YOU"

1. Expand Your Potential Audiences

Collabs are the best organic way to attract a new set of audience to your profile

2. Plan out Mutual Benefits

Collaboration should be advantageous for both parties. It shouldn't be just a post. There has to be a reason behind the post.

3. Use Storytelling

When two people/brands are coming together for a collaboration, use a powerful story to make your post make sense.

4. Be patient

Collaboration posts take a while to plan and execute. It requires the mutual understanding and interest of both parties.

5. Post teasers

Post snippets of your posts in your stories and prepare your audience for the collaboration post. (eg: Use countdowns on stories etc)

6. Plan out future benefits.

If the first post goes well, you can create a series of them and build a mutual partnership.

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