Get More Engagement On Instagram In 2023

Get More Engagement On Instagram In 2023

Step 1: The fundamentals

Which would you prefer, going viral with zero engagement or a community that would like, comment, and even share your posts? I think I guessed right. Building a community is more important.

To build the right community that would stay up at night for you, follow these tips.

Tip 1: Get an app management tool

An Instagram management tool will help you keep track of the engagement on your posts.

Tip 2: Post content your followers can relate with

You have to feed your followers with content that addresses their pain points most time.

  • Carry out polls or ask your followers questions to draw attention.
  • Comment on a trending topic and seek the opinion of your followers.

Tip 3: Follow your posts with nice pictures

Posts with relevant high-quality pictures attract more engagement than an abstract image with no connection to the post.

Tip 4: Post about other things aside from your business

You want to let your followers know that your brand has an identity. People can still comment on your post and not just like a post about your business.

Tip 5: Post at a great time

As a brand, you should know the right time to post for engagement. Visit to learn more about the best time to post.

Step 2: Optimise your content for silent viewing

What if we told you that 85% of people on Instagram aren’t listening to the sound in your content?!

Yes, that’s right! Your perfectly edited sounds and catchy tunes aren’t making a difference because viewers are just not listening.

69% of social media viewers watch video with the sound off in public places - study by Verizon Media & Publicis

This doesn’t mean that you stop using audio in your content. You just need to optimise it for silent viewing.

Earlier this year, Instagram announced an auto-caption sticker for Stories, which is soon expected to roll out on Reels too. You can easily add accurate captions to your Stories with the caption sticker and use text subtitles for Reels to ensure your content is viewed whether the user turns their volume up or not.

Feed posts and IGTV videos get 12% increase in viewership as well when the videos include text captions

Step 3: Take notes from the experts

Here are some tips we found all big influencers were using

Align your Instagram feed & Stories

Converse keeps their Instagram stories fresh as well as they are known for being relevant to gen Z.

Upload "How to" videos like HGTv.

They posted how to make a spooky drink for Halloween. They uploaded a tutorial and aligned it with the coming holiday

Entice your viewers

To convert a viewer into a customer, you have to give them a taste of what you have to offer. Starbucks did it well with this post

Use videos or Reels

Buzzfeed uses videos to provide news and summarise events. They involve everything from gifs to important news.

Behind the Scenes

Saturday Night Live focused on a Behind the Scenes to intrigue their audience

Show your skills

Amazon tried their skill on a stop motion video of a pumpkin carving this Halloween.

Promote your product in a fun way

Teen Vogue took advantage of a launch of a series and asked the actors to come together for a fun game.

Collaborate with others

Oreo and Android teamed up together to post an animated video of their launch.

Step 4: Optimise your profile

Don't confuse people. Are you chasing your profile visitors? A bio like this confuses people and no one will follow you.

You don't have to use a strict format in your bio too, that makes it boring.

Use the 150 characters this way to leave a good impression...

Tip 1: Tell them what you give and how you help them.

Tip 2: Show them proof of what you did.

Tip 3: Make it cool and interesting to read. Make it look different from the structure everyone uses.

Tip 4: Add line breaks and emojis to make it simple and clear.

Reach a broader audience with fewer hashtags!

Instagram creators stated that we should use only 3 to 5 hashtags for Instagram Posts. And they sure know what they do!

Let’s not freak out and try to understand why and how to apply this new strategy.

Each post can have a maximum of 30 hashtags, which means it will include generic hashtags that are not helpful to your reach. Does it mean using only 3 to 5 hashtags per post?

No. The stats still prove there’s not a perfect hashtags number. So whether you’re using 30 or 5 hashtags, you need to follow these steps.

Choose quality over quantity. Use hashtags that are relevant to the theme of your content.

Check which hashtags your audience already uses and follows.

  • Make sure your content is top quality and will grab the attention of your target audience
  • Try lots of different approaches. Mix well-known and niche hashtags to broaden your discoverability.
  • Create your own hashtag and track each post to understand what works best for your profile.

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