How To Optimise Your Instagram Profile For Business In 2023

How To Optimise Your Instagram Profile For Business In 2023

Do you want to increase Instagram followers, without extra effort?

Of course you do. In this post I’m going to show you how to optimise your business Instgram profile for maximum follower conversions.


In fact, this process has helped me increase my profile visit to follow conversion rate by 10% in the last few months.

And in today’s post I’ll show you exactly what changes I made to my profile.

1. Optimise Your Instagram Name for Better Search results

One of the first steps I took in optimising my Instagram Profile, was adding a keyword, specific to my niche, into my name.

For example, before I made any changes my name was 'Squared Academy'. Thats not a problem for people who already follow me and recognise my name, but if my account is being showed to a random person on instagram they're unlikely to click on my profile to learn more, if they don't know what exactly my profile is about.

I decided to add the keyword 'Instagram growth' to my profile name.

Not only does it help people understand my niche, it also has huge search benefits.

Now when someone types in 'Instagram Growth' into Instagram, I have a chance of being on the list compared to my previous name when that wasn't the case.

Instagram growth

As you can see my profile is the number 1 search result for 'Instagram Growth'. This will also give your Instagram engagement a huge boost for free! As you'll get more people who care bout your niche following you.

if you're struggling to find an Instagram username that's available, and still fits into your social strategy, here are some tips that I've personally used:

1. DM The Account With Your Name

One of the biggest mistakes people make is not trying to get their desired Instagram name once they realise it's unavailable. Simply Messaging the account that's using your name and asking if you could have it or buy it should be your first priority.

2. Get Creative With It

However, if they decline you're going to have to get creative with it. Here are some ideas for you to use if your Instagram username is taken.

1. Add a location to the name: industrybusinesscity or cityindustrybusiness

2. Use abbreviation: indbusiness or industrybuss or ibcity

3. Shorten the whole name: indbuss

4. Add a conjunction to the name: andindustrybusiness

5. Add an adverb: theindustrybusiness or theindustrybusinesscity or the_industrybusiness

6. Replace a letter with a number: industrybusin3ss or 1ndustrybusiness

7. Use phonetic spelling: industreebusiness

8. Add 'Official' to the username

9. Use your website url (

Credit to Social Media Pro for some of those ideas.

3. Brilliant Instagram Businesses Name Examples

So you've messaged the account with your name and they said no, you've tried to get creative with it but everything is taken, what should you do? Here are some brilliant businesses Instagram name examples to hopefully inspire you.

Ikea - Location Username

Ikea USA Instagram Page using location username

Budweiser - Industry Username

Budweiser instagram Username using Industry

Huawei - Industry Username

Huawei Instagram Username Using Industry

I recommend you check out this article for choosing an instagram name: What Name You Should Choose

2. Optimise Your Instagram Bio Using This Successful Structure

One of the places in an instagram profile where people make the most mistakes.

Your Instagram Bio is probably why you're loosing a lot of potential followers, I was making these mistakes too. Here's the structure that I found converts the highest.

Line 1: Your Story. Introduce yourself, who are you, why are you on Instagram etc...

For example, mine was 'Community Of Creatives And Entrepreneurs'

It allows people to get an idea of who we are, and whether they should be interested.

Line 2: Your positioning. What's your niche? Why Should people follow you, etc...

For example, mine was 'Actionable Instagram Tips & Insights'

This is so if someone that's looking for instagram tips, they'll immidietly know that that's what we post about.

I could be anything, if you're an advertising agency, you could say 'Dropping Daily Facebook Ad Tips' This would mean anyone interested in learning about Facebook Ads, would be much more tempted to follow you, compared to your bio being 'Ad Agency in London' or something like that.

Line 3: Your Credibility. Why should we trust you? What makes you different, etc...

With so many people claiming to be experts, why should we trust you. This is why you need to add a line of credibility to you Instagram Bio.

People often say, "But I don't have any creditability, what should I do?"

This is definetly not the case. Everyone has some sort of credibility, and if you don't, then maybe that should be a priority.

Here are some examples of creditability:

  • Over 100+ Students thought.
  • Certified Digital Marketing Expert With Google (It's free, check that out here)
  • 10+ Years of experience
  • Clients include 'Disney, Netflix...

The list goes on, anything that proves your expertises. After you add this, I guarantee your conversions will increase.

Line 4: Call-To-Action. What do you want us to do now? Link In bio, Follow you, etc...

The final step, is to tell people what you would like them to do.

For example, mine is "Resources, Guides & Courses" with an arrow pointing to the link-in-bio.

That's because my goal is to get people to click the link in my bio, to then check out my courses, and other resources.

Yours could be anything, just make it specific.

If you're still stuck for ideas, check out this article: 100+ Instagram Bio Ideas

3. Use your Instagram Highlights To Better Organise Your Content

By far the most overlooked areas of an Instagram Profile, is the Highlights.

I'm not sure why so many people forget about them, because they can make or break a profile.

You should be using Instagram Highlights as an extension to your bio, they should explain some of the topics you post about, or contain important information like customer reviews or contact options.

Think of your highlights as the Google of you Instagram Profile, unlike Youtube where users can search on a specific channel to find a certain topic or video. Instagram has very little ways to let people find posts they're looking for.

However, if you organise every post into a specific highlight, your audience can go through, consuming just the posts they're interested in.

If you want even more help with Optimising Your Instagram Profile, Check out Instagram Profile Optimisation Service.

How I optimised my profile

After 2 months of A/B testing with my own Instagram profile, I actually managed to increase follower conversions by 10%! Plus, I didn't have to post more often or spend more time engaging.

You might be wondering how I tracked this. Well since April 2020, I've been making small changed to my Instagram profile, this includes my username, my profile name, my page category, my bio copy and my highlights.

Each week I would make 1 change. In the week following the change I would compare my profile visit to follow conversion rate to see if that change was positive or negative.

I repeated this for 2 months, slowly increasing the results until I reached a 39% conversion rate.

Before I started optimising my Instagram profile, my follow conversion rate was 29%. This meant 29% of people who visited my profile, then decided to follow me. Keep in mind some people who visit my profile will already follow me, but this should all still be relative.

This number was actually already quite high but I wanted to increase it.

I had to find out what was stopping people from following. I organised my research into 3 significant areas that could lead to people not following.

Area 1 - Instagram Username or Profile Name

Area 2 - Instagram Bio

Area 3 - Instagram Highlights & Highlight covers

These are the 3 main places people will look to see if you're worth following, so they are crucial to get right.

Now it's your turn,

There you have it: my 3 step process for optimising Instagram business profiles.

Now I’d like to hear what you have to say:

Have you tried to scale up your content production before?

If so, how did it go?

Want to dive deeper?

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