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How it works

Step 1: We decide on the topic for a Digital Product, and make sure you're happy with the topic.

Step 2: Our team gets to work developing the product. This includes the product's name, the branding, the website landing page, the payment systems, and the actual digital product.

Step 3: The Product will look like it's a collaboration between your page and our page, Squared Academy. Eg, if your Instagram is @stocklets the final product will be made by Stocklets and Squared Academy

Step 4: We will send you all the promotional material. This includes a Carousel Advert for you to post on launch day, stories, etc...

Step 5: You will receive 50% of all revenue, we will receive 50%. It costs us around $1000 to develop the product, so we're taking all the risk!

What to expect:

- Reliable income from your audience.

- A well designed product to be proud of, that actually provides value to your audience.

- Credibility in the product, as we have an outstanding reputation from our own digital products.

- Hassle free experience. We have the team and resources to do everything!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? Find our most commonly asked questions below.

What will the digital product be?

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The actual product can be a range of things, however we've found Digital Books/Guides perform the best.

Who will do the promotion?

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The promotion is on your end. We will provide the materials but you will be responsible for selling.

What platform manages the payments?

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We will use Gumroad to sell and distribute the product. It has a built in affiliate program which will be used to pay your split.

How many sales can I expect?

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This depends on your audience size and niche. Email us for a prediction.

How long does it take to develop?

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It will take around 2-3 weeks from start to launch day.

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Want to leverage social media but don't have time to keep up with managing an account. We'll do it for you! Using our knowledge to grow your account and manage it at the same time. Our team of researchers, writers and designers will craft custom content for your Instagram, that explodes your engagement.

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