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We're Squared: A community of 160k+ creators.

Squared Academy is one of the largest creator-focused communities. We teach creators how to grow online. Partner with us to get your brand and product in front of a highly engaged audience.

One of the largest creator/marketing communities

Consistent high engagement (<10%)

Super-engaged community

Mainly USA audience

Audience breakdown: 75% from USA⚡

Our audience is mainly from the USA, UK, Australia, India and Canada.

Average Instagram post reach: 150k ⚡ 

Our posts get on average 150k impressions.

Audience of creators and entrepreneurs ⚡

Our audience is made up of content creators, marketers and entrepreneurs.

Get your brand in front of a community of creators.

Get your brand in front of one of the largest communities of creators, marketers and entrepreneurs.

160k+ Instagram followers ⚡

Currently, we have ~160k Instagram followers.

5000+ newsletter subscribers ⚡ 

Currently, we have ~5000 email newsletter subscribers.

Audience of creators and entrepreneurs ⚡

Our audience is made up of content creators, marketers and entrepreneurs.

How it works

Step 1: If your brand is a good fit for our audience, we'll agree to a sponsorship.

Step 2: We offer 2 sponsorship packages, or we can arrange a custom deal.

Step 3: Our team will write and design the content for your brand. We'll send this to you for approval.

Step 4: The campaign goes live! All sponsored content stays public forever - we don't delete it after a few days.

Step 5: We'll send you the results from the campaign.

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Series of Instagram stories

Added to our list of top tools

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Instagram Account Growth And Management.

Want to leverage social media but don't have time to keep up with managing an account. We'll do it for you! Using our knowledge to grow your account and manage it at the same time. Our team of researchers, writers and designers will craft custom content for your Instagram, that explodes your engagement.

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We generate content that explodes your engagement.

We create content that explodes engagement. We build brands that stand out. We design websites that expands your online presence.

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