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Find, audit and contact +6 Million influencers worldwide. Check the influencer quality with the ultimate Favikon score.

The ultimate Influencer Quality Score

The Favikon Score is the ultimate influencer audit score on the market. Thanks to AI-based thorough audits, and with more than 50 criteria taken into account, the quality of the influencer is guaranteed.

Create your lists, track the performance of influencers, export in CSV and enjoy all the time gained.

CMOs, Social Media Managers, Influencer Marketing experts... They all have integrated Favikon into their influencer marketing strategy. Find out why.

We make it easy for you to identify low quality influencers.

There are so many traps to identify best influencers. The Favikon score sets a standard in the industry.

Find out everything you need to know about targeted influencers.

The AI-made summary is made to help you identify all weaknesses and strengths of an influencer at first glance.

The Favikon score is based on 50+ criteria. You'll find a summary of the most important ones, starting with, but not limited to, the engagement rate.

Favikon gives you unique insights on the market. For example, the saturation rate helps you identify whether the influencer has been doing too many partnerships. With Favikon, influencers will leave you no secret behind.

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Check the influencer quality with the ultimate Favikon score.


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