Lance is an intuitive business bank account
designed for freelancers.

Transfer your salary

You decide how much you make! Pay yourself to your personal bank account on a bi-weekly (or monthly) basis.

Pay your taxes

Lance will automatically calculate, budget, and pay your quarterly taxes. (Yes, you just read that right.)

Budget your savings

Decide what you're saving for, and how much. Lance will allocate the money every month to easily configurable sub-accounts.

Never miss a deduction

Whether you're booking a flight, buying a phone, or taking a client to lunch, Lance will earmark it all for deduction.

Lance is the banking experience we dreamed of as freelancers.

The card that tracks all your tax deductions.

Photographers need cameras, yoga teachers need music, and everybody needs a computer. Charge all business expenses to the Lance debit card, and we'll ensure your tax deduction.*

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Freelancers! Get a bank account that pays your taxes, automates your savings, and sends you a paycheck.


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